Bevís Birds

Lady Gouldian Finches


 Shipping and handling within continental United States (excluding Arizona) is $85 for 6 birds or fewer. (Travel time is ~36 hours.)

 Shipping within Arizona is $50 for 6 birds or fewer.† (Travel time is ~12 hours.)

 I ship (weather providing) on the earliest Monday after funds have cleared the bank and the buyer will be available to accept the birds.

 There are no shipments on weeks before and after Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

 Shipping in the heat of the summer (July and August) is limited.

 Birds are not shipped in singles; they need company.

 Birds are guaranteed to arrive alive.† Credit will be given on the next order & live arrival guarantee does not cover shipping cost replacement.  You must contact Bevís Birds and a picture of deceased bird emailed to me within two hours of shipment pick up.  Any other circumstances are considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of Bevís Birds once contact has been made with me.

 Planned shipping dates remaining in 2019 while supplies last:

 ††††††††††† December 3, 10 & 17.†

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Local Sales

 I raise these beauties at my home.† Since I donít have a store, I donít have the facilities to interface with customers.† This also prevents my birds from being exposed to possible contamination (infectious diseases) visitors may introduce.† This helps to insure disease free birds for my customers.

 If you wish to avoid shipping charges come to the Tucson Bird Mart and youíll have a nice selection to choose from.† If you wish to secure specific colors and genders, contact me to reserve your birds.

Notes on getting these beauties to you.

My gouldians that hatch from September to February normally molt (shed their juvenile feathers that are replaced by colorful adult feathers) around April or May.† When this happens I can identify their colors and genders and then I know what I have and what are available for you!† Many are ready to ship in late May or June.† Those that hatch late February and March sometimes are not finished molting in time to ship until the fall.††

Molting is stressful on gouldians.† That means that imposing additional stress on them during this time must be limited.† When they have passed the stressful part of their molt they can handle the stress associated with shipping, including my catching and sorting them out.†† I will ship them even though there may be evidence of the last of their molt (pin feathers) on their masks (face).† The pin feathers look like white flecks and grow out within a few weeks.†† I do this because I know they are no longer in stress from molting and if I wait until they have completely molted it will likely be too hot to send them and Iíd have to wait until late August or September for them to travel.

In June, I normally only ship the first two to three weeks because it is HHHHOTTTT in Tucson at that time.† Fortunately, they are transported at night and they travel well.† Itís just tough on my end as I need to catch and sort them very early in the mornings before it gets too hot so they donít get too hot and stressed.† When orders come in I catch the birds for each order and move them to their own cage so I can observe them to make sure they are strong, healthy and get along.† It is fun to watch them get to know each other!

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